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Our staff

On average there is a 15% turnover of teaching staff each year. This is due to end of year transfers and teachers who take extended periods of leave during the year, usually for family reasons. There are six senior teachers on staff and a few teachers in their first five years of teaching.

Other teachers have greater than five but less than ten years experience. Frequently specialist-teaching positions are filled by general classroom teachers because of a shortage of fully qualified specialist teachers in the district.

Emerald is the preferred locality for a significant number of staff and this contributes to the relative stability. Permanent part time teachers are now an established feature of the teaching staff.

The staff consists of:

  • Principal
  • Deputy principal
  • Pedagogy coach
  • 12 full-time general primary classroom teachers and 6 permanent part time teachers (15 FTE)
  • Teacher-librarians (1.0 FTE)
  • Physical education teacher (0.6 FTE)
  • Arts teacher (0.8)
  • Visiting instrumental music teacher - (0.2 FTE)
  • Visiting guidance officer - (0.4 FTE)
  • Visiting chaplain
  • Visiting Head of Special Education (HOSE) (0.2 FTE)
  • Special Education Provisions teacher (0.4 FTE)
  • Support teachers - Literacy and numeracy (0.8 FTE)
  • Languages other than English (LOTE) (Indonesian) - (0.4 FTE)
  • 8 permanent part time teacher aides and a varying number of temporary and casual teacher aides who support specific short-term goals
  • 1 Business services manager
  • 1 Administration officer – Administrative Assistance Enhancement Program (AAEP) (part time)
  • Ancillary staff of two Cleaners and 1 schools officer (grounds & facilities).